delivering media + communications + social media training for nonprofit organizations in Alberta



February 21, 2018 1:00 PM -4:00 PM
St. Albert United Church
St. Albert United Church
20 Green Grove Drive Saint Albert, Alberta T8N 5H6 Canada

Learn to create a strategic communication plan that will effectively reach your ideal audiences using an appropriate mix of strategies, tactics and communication channels most likely to persuade them to take the actions that help you achieve your communication objectives.


February 22, 2018 1:00 PM -4:00 PM
Online via Go To Meeting Videoconferencing.

Learn the strategies and tactics to successfully raise money online for your nonprofit with social media & online tools, even if you are a small or midsize organization.


$245.00 8

February 28, 2018 1:00 PM -4:00 PM
St. Albert United Church
St. Albert United Church
20 Green Grove Drive Saint Albert, Alberta T8N 5H6 Canada

Learn how to create content that will get more clicks, shares, follows and retweets to massively amplify your communication efforts. 


March 07, 2018 1:00 PM -4:00 PM
St. Albert United Church
St. Albert United Church
20 Green Grove Drive Saint Albert, Alberta T8N 5H6 Canada

Learn to communicate effectively with the media in the event of a crisis by developing a crisis communications plan that covers every aspect of message development, rehearsal and media management as well as effectively employ social media to communicate during and after the crisis. 

$245.00 8

March 14, 2018 1:00 PM -4:00 PM
St. Albert United Church
St. Albert United Church
20 Green Grove Drive Saint Albert, Alberta T8N 5H6 Canada

This workshop outlines the process of setting up a WordPress website, introduces you to the WordPress community, themes, plugins and amazing features and all of the essential concepts and knowledge you need to build or rebuild your website with the world's most popular open source content management system. 

$245.00 8

March 28, 2018 1:00 PM -4:00 PM
St. Albert United Church
St. Albert United Church
20 Green Grove Drive Saint Albert, Alberta T8N 5H6 Canada

Learn to use LinkedIn Company Pages and Groups to recruit board members, inform members, broaden your donor base, promote your events and present your organization as an expert source to the media.


$245.00 8

April 04, 2018 1:00 PM -4:00 PM
St. Albert United Church
St. Albert United Church
20 Green Grove Drive Saint Albert, Alberta T8N 5H6 Canada

Learn to attract more participants to your special event, gain more sponsors, recruit more volunteers, increase your visibility, raise more money and build relationships with current and potential donors and the media.

$245.00 8

April 11, 2018 1:00 PM -4:00 PM
St. Albert United Church
St. Albert United Church
20 Green Grove Drive Saint Albert, Alberta T8N 5H6 Canada

Learn to shoot, edit, enhance and post photos and videos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks using your smartphone, your imagination and your ingenuity.

$245.00 8

April 18, 2018 1:00 PM -4:00 PM
St. Albert United Church
St. Albert United Church
20 Green Grove Drive Saint Albert, Alberta T8N 5H6 Canada

Learn to write, edit, design for multiple platforms, manage the editorial process, recruit contributors, monitor responses, inform volunteers, attract supporters and solicit donations with an email newsletter.

$195.00 5

April 25, 2018 1:00 PM -4:00 PM
St. Albert United Church
St. Albert United Church
20 Green Grove Drive Saint Albert, Alberta T8N 5H6 Canada

Learn to conceive, create, organize and execute a successful content marketing strategy to promote your organization's cause, fundraising, programs, services and special events.

$245.00 8

Here's what others say about my workshops...

I registered for the workshop hoping to improve my media relations skills and get better at pitching stories to the media. The workshop exceeded my expectations. I left with no answered questions. It also turned out to be a great networking opportunity. I formed a valuable connection with an Executive Director from another organization and we agreed to work together on an important project that neither of us could accomplish alone.

Christi Lein
Development & Stakeholder Relations Manager | ABC Headstart

Last week, I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with trainer Marilyn Jones. She taught me how to create an email newsletter for my organization. Marilyn was very easy to work with, informative and made the afternoon fun. I left with a template for out newsletter that looks great and is easy to do each month. Well worth the time and her prices are very reasonable. She has lots of skills and experience to help people, like me, who are not too skilled or experienced, with effectively using digital media to promote an organization.

Laurie Winder
Executive Director | The Ashbourne Seniors Centre

When you consult with Marilyn, you can expect keyed up energy from the start. She guided us in uncovering our organizational needs and challenges, and encouraged us to find solutions that would work for our unique situation. When we had to shift gears to dig deeper into our strategy for the year, she jumped off the page with us, and helped us to set our eyes back in a stronger direction.

Michele Chiasson Suart
Director, Donor & Community Engagement | Education Matters

I found the [Digital Advertising for NonProfits] workshop very informative. It planted new ideas and offered new tactics I hadn't considered before. The instructor was very personable. I only wish the workshop had been longer.

Rose Gaboury
Administrative Assistant | St Albert Family Resource Centre

The Digital Advertising Workshop met my expectations. It was specific to my job and the programs I am responsible for promoting and held in a very comfortable learning environment.

Andrea Oneski
Community Development Coordinator | Leduc County

I can't believe how far I've come and how much I have learned over the two weeks of working with you on our communications plan. I have a whole new brain. Calling you was by far the best decision I have made in the last 2.5 years. I really appreciate all your guidance and support over the past few weeks.[Later] I delivered the presentation this morning and it went really really well!! Thanks so much again for all of your support and guidance to help me get the communications strategy off the ground. I can’t believe how far we’ve come in just over one month.

Emily Skinner
Communications Coordinator | First Nations Technical Services Advisory Group

Thank you so much for the [How to Create a Monthly Giving Program] webinar today! I certainly learned a lot, and am excited to get started! I look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Marla Welks
Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator | Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers

The Special Event Marketing workshop was a great learning experience all around. Lots of practical ideas including how to more effectively use Facebook and Instagram and put together an influencer campaign. A very friendly yet professional environment. Marilyn was well-researched and able to customize the workshop for our specific needs and circumstances.

Brendan Lord
Executive Director | Choir Alberta

The [Crisis Communication] workshop met my expectations. It helped me identify the key audiences depending on the situation and how to build a hold statement to reduce confusion. It was very informative and I especially liked that it was discussion based. I learned a lot from other participants as well.

Mattie Elliott
Communications Coordinator | Lethbridge County

It was helpful to learn about the steps to creating a crisis communications plan and the difference between issues management and crisis management. Others will find this [Crisis Communications] workshop informative.

Jodi Egan
Communications Coordinator | Children's Cottage

The social media workshop Marilyn gave to our communication team offered an excellent opportunity to create clarity on organizational communication strategies. I especially appreciated learning how to develop a strategy for achieving specific objectives and the numerous resources Marilyn provided in advance.

Lynn Labrecque King
Executive Director | Alberta College of Social Workers

Marilyn’s customized media relations webinar series really showed us how to be proactive with broadcast and print media and clearly explained the fit with our overall communications strategy, audiences and objectives. We learned how to develop and pitch compelling story ideas to communicate our heritage advocacy messages. We had a big wish list and the combination of the videos, on-line tools, workbooks, templates, practice examples, critiques, and media training hit all the content check boxes.

Karen Paul
Communications | Calgary Heritage Initiative Society

Great webinar to get set you up to create an engaging annual report; includes understanding the key elements, and how to present your content in a way that will capture your reader's attention.Thanks very much Marilyn, I really enjoyed it, and had many valuable takeaways!

Pam Thompson
Relationship Manager | Go Productivity

The [Media Training] workshop was helpful in learning how to deal with the media, what they look for, and how to develop key messages under any circumstance. It was informative and much of it applies to life in general. Crisis can occur anytime, anywhere and the strategies to deal with them are useful to know.

Jesse Cole
Research Analyst | Alberta Financial Services Corporation

Marilyn is a social media marvel. She is very knowledgeable of all social media outlets and given the fast-paced nature of social media, it is impressive that she is always up-to-date on the latest tactics. Marilyn makes sure everyone in her courses understands the material and no questions remain unanswered. Marilyn is easy to reach before and after your course should any additional questions arise. Her outreach system,, is efficient and allows Marilyn to keep in touch with all of us in her courses and share relevant material when she sees fit. I have taken more than one course with Marilyn, and plan on taking many more.

Courtney Sharma
Communications Coordinator | Servants Anonymous Society of Calgary

An excellent [LinkedIn] workshop! If you're thinking about setting up a LinkedIn personal profile or company page, take Marilyn's workshop first. You'll save yourself lots of time!

Sheri McLean
Executive Director | Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta

Another very informative and hands-on workshop by Marilyn. It was helpful to review how to and then set up our own LinkedIn company page in the workshop. I also appreciated the opportunity of discussing and deciding how we might best use showcase pages,

Christine Hryniw
Marketing & Communications Coordinator | Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta

The workshop was a great intro to Snapchat -- feels like learning a new language. I recommend this workshop to anyone wanting to communicate with the younger generation.

Candace Westeroth
Marketing & Communications Coordinator | TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre

I learned a lot in the workshop, not only about Snapchat but also about other social media networks.

Jaime-Lynn Keller
Social Media Coordinator | Edmonton Minor Soccer Association

The [Snapchat] workshop really helped me get a better focus on what we need to do with our social media communications.

Kari Wisiewski
Marketing & Communications Coordinator | Tien Lung Taekwon-Do Club

The [Crisis Communication] workshop offers good resources for developing a crisis communication plan. I especially like the tips on creating a dark section of our website that we can display in very short order.

Susan Gel
General Manager | Egg Farmers of Alberta

This [Crisis Communications] workshop should be necessary for all management levels. It helped me determine strengths and weaknesses of our organization's communication strategies in a crisis and how to better prepare to communicate effectively.

Meghan Brennan
Communication & Project Coordinator | Town of Taber

I recommend the [Crisis Communication] workshop. I especially appreciated learning how to craft statements and the information that should be already available to speed up the process.

Kali Carlson
Human Resources Coordinator | Medicine Hat Women's Shelter

The [Crisis Communication] workshop was a very valuable three hours. A little knowledge goes a long way.

Courtney Sharma
Communications Coordinator | Servants Anonymous

The [Crisis Communication] workshop was excellent, and the attendees were all working as a team as they shared their knowledge. Good group. This workshop should be a must attend for all heads of organizations. So happy I was able to attend. So happy you were able to put on this workshop. Thanks again. Job well done and information awesome!

Lucie Roy
Board Member | Morinville Festival Society

Great workshop to get you started tweeting the right way to engage the right people.

Susan Lungal
Community Development Officer | Beaver County

I learned how to use Twitter effectively and how to use it differently than Facebook. Although not new to Twitter, I learned things I didn't know existed and how to reach more followers.

Sarah Stauffer
Community Development Coordinator | Beaver County

We reviewed lots of available apps, websites and resources to help save time. Marilyn was very knowledgeable in the social media world and very personable while reviewing tools and resources available to be most effective in reaching out to the right people to convey the right message.

Christine Hryniw
Marketing & Program Administrator | Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta

The Twitter workshop offered lots of great information and resources you wouldn't find on your own.

Lan Diep
Office Administrator | Civil Service Union 52

Marilyn's Twitter workshop was relaxed and responsive to the needs of the people and organizations in the room. I'm sure I saved myself time and money in spades.

Laura Kate Jeffreys
Labour Relations Officer | Civil Service Union 52

I recommend the special event marketing workshop to other nonprofits. It was engaging, practical and informative.

Sarah Stauffer
Community Development Coordinator | Beaver County

I learned many tips & tricks about successfully managing and marketing special events.

Susan Lungal
Community Development Officer | Beaver County

I went to the special event marketing workshop hoping to learn how to develop an event marketing plan and to discover marketing ideas that are "out-of-the-box." The workshop met my expectations. It was interactive, with lots of discussion and sharing of ideas.

Jaclyn Landry
Volunteer Coordinator | Provincial Archives of Alberta

The media interviews workshop met my expectations. I learned how best to prepare for media interviews and to understand what reporters are looking for. Thanks for the info on giving radio interviews. It was very helpful. The interview went well and I was more prepared than usual. Overall, I found the workshop helpful, practical and very useful.

Robert Buckle
Economic Development & Tourism Manager | Athabasca County

Thanks again for the terrific media interviews workshop. It gave me a great chance to asses my current skill level and how I can improve.

Kevin Greco
Entrepeneur | Business Network International

The workshop was helpful in coming up with time management strategies for social media. I recommend this workshop to others who want to get off to a great start with social media communications.

Christine Hirschi
Communications and Events Coordinator | Brain Care Centre

The eMail Newsletter workshop today was AWESOME! I was happy to learn a TON!

Pam Golden
Communications Assistant | Pembina Hills Public Schools

The eMail Newsletter Workshop was interesting, practical, timely and shared relevant information. I especially enjoyed the content curation tools part of your presentation.

Denise Desmarais
Assistant to President | Alberta Motor Vehicles Association

The eMail Newsletter Workshop today was a very good overview on creating designing and writing an eMail Newsletter. I would recommend this workshop to other schools and nonprofits.

Suzanne Lundrigan
Director of Communications | Alberta School Boards Association

I took Marilyn’s Strategic Social Media Plans for Non-Profit Organizations workshop back in November 2012, when our company was just getting into social media. We’ve been pretty successful and have since expanded into blogging, which is why I signed both myself and one of my bloggers up for her Blogging for Non-Profits workshop. Whether you’re just considering getting into blogging, or are already quite active and interested in improving your blog’s performance, Marilyn’s workshop would definitely be beneficial. From strategies to help you get started, to a wide variety of hints and tips, Marilyn can provide valuable insights to help you and your organization succeed!

David Webb
Marketing & Communications Manager | Egg Farmers of Alberta

We learned many important things about rebuilding our website in WordPress that we didn't know before: all the information you need to know before building a website, how to build a site map, how to find a theme, how to find plugins and how to backup a website. The workshop was a great introduction to WordPress and how to set up a website in general. We recommend this workshop to others who want to know how to build or rebuild a website in WordPress.

Kristie Murray & Kalen Hussey
Member Services Coordinators | College of Opticians of Alberta

I found it to be a very comfortable and informative workshop. Lots of conversation, lots of feedback, lots of input and lots of information to think about and consider. Very passionate workshop instructor!

Kristen Vale
Communications Coordinator | McMan Youth, Family & Community Services

I attended the workshop to learn how to get our story out to the media. The workshop was great. I learned so much beyond how to get our story out including how much we needed a new website. There was so much information for all levels of knowledge. I would recommend this workshop to others interested in communications for nonprofits.

Kathy Seibel
Music Director | Calgary United Church

I recommend the Media Publicity for NonProfits workshop to others. I appreciated the amount of preparation Marilyn conducted before the workshop and that it was focused on our organization's needs. It helped me move past the fear of saying the wrong thing by focusing on key messages and saying the right things.

Liz Bartlick
Communications / Fund Development | Pilgrim's Hospice

The private media training workshop for our executive team was a great opportunity to develop ideas specific to our organization. The hands-on application of the concepts were relevant for our specific business and lead to important discussions. I especially appreciated the research and preparation Marilyn conducted before the workshop so the materials were relevant for us and, the fact that it was fun!

Lynn Lebrecque King
Executive Director & Registrar | Alberta College of Social Workers

The overall consensus from the participants from the Parkland Regional Library System to your presentation on Media Relations for Libraries on October 26 was that you provided a great session that was very much needed!

Rhonda O'Neill
Consultant Librarian | Parkland Regional Library System

Wow. Awesome workshop you gave to 15 of the nonprofit organizations in Sturgeon County on Social Media Marketing. So full of information and very insightful. I am so happy I attended. Best I ever attended. Thank you so much, and thank you for all the handouts so I have something to refer back to.

Lucy Roy
Volunteer | Morinville Fish & Game Association

I flew down from the NWT to take three workshops from Marilyn and found it was time and money well spent. The training I received on Media Interviews, Social Media Marketing and Crisis Communications gave me a lot more confidence in dealing with the media and how to communicate with the media in crisis situations as well learning many social media tips, techniques and strategies.

Amber Simpson
Communications & Public Education | Government of Norhtwest Territories

After a working partnership of over three years, I felt it was time to acknowledge how much all of us at SOUTHLAND value your expertise in the field of media relations. All the attendees, from SOUTHLAND's summer "Media Relations" course, commented on the knowledge and confidence you imparted to them. Many thanks. Only a few days after your course, our HR Generalist, Ashley, very capably met with local media about the school bus driver shortage. She was both prepared and comfortable with the interview. You would have been proud. Additionally, several of our senior management people, myself included, have been invited to provide comment to news reporters on School Bus Safety initiatives or incidents. Since taking your program all of us feel at ease. Again, my sincere thanks for being our 'Media Mentor.'

June Read
Assistant General Manager | Southland Transportation

Thanks for the media training workshop for the finalists. I was watching the level of attention of the participants. It was apparent that you held their interest and as a result, the participants were better prepared at the end of the day to effectively deal with any media request they may encounter in the future. I look forward to contracting your services again next year.

Kendel Ferrier
Program Coordinator | TecEdmonton

Our board of directors found the media training workshop helpful, especially the on-camera segments. It gave us an opportunity to ensure we were all on the same page and critique ourselves and each other.

Laurie Billings
Executive Director | Alberta Safety Council

The three most interesting things I learned in the crisis communications workshop were how to develop key messages, how to deliver them to the media and how to decide who is the best person to deliver them. The first thing I am going to do after the workshop is develop our media and communication policies. I really enjoyed watching the training videos and appreciated the amount of time we spent in front of the camera. The workshop was a good measure of where we are at in our media relations efforts and what we need to do to improve them.

Mike Waldner
Health & Safety Supervisor | Gilead Sciences

Thank you for an interesting workshop on social media communications. I plan to attend others you may offer.

Audra Bell
Communications | Greater Edmonton Foundation Seniors Housing

The workshop was helpful in learning about social media tools and technologies along with which ones to use and why. I liked how you emphasized that communication tools are best used strategically with planning, resources, messaging and objectives in mind. We have a small staff and a large community service to run for youth groups. We don't have time for a steep learning curve only to find out it's not the right communications tool or the right way to use the tool. I realize that I don't need to know everything but I do need to know which communications tool and tactic to use for what I want to say and to whom.

Brenda O'Neill
Executive Director | St Albert Youth Community Centre

I really enjoyed the workshop. Now I understand better how LinkedIn works and what to do with the many invitations I get sent from friends and colleagues asking me to join. After the workshop, I was able to encourage my two sons to join LinkedIn to promote themselves and their small business operating out of a business incubator. Good presentation. Helpful to me and to others.

Wendy Batty
Executive Director | Edmonton Christmas Bureau

We really enjoyed the social media training session you gave at our offices. It was like having our own marketing consultant for three hours. You gave us good tips, helped focus our efforts and offered great ideas for us to pursue. It was a very positive experience!

Anne Marie Kallal
Executive Director | Cultural Connections Institute

I contracted Marilyn Jones for media training for our staff based on a reference given from a previously satisfied client of hers. Marilyn was able to take away the “fear” we had of dealing with media as we practiced developing and delivering key messages, and interviewing techniques to help us always get back to the important ‘key message’. In addition to the training being informative, it was actually fun! We found Marilyn well prepared, passionate, knowledgeable, organized and professional. She had researched our organization so was able to tailor the training to successfully meet our needs. Since our media training session, our organization has utilized Marilyn’s skills to help us develop PSA’s and videos that continue to help youth and adults prevent bullying, and she continues to work with us on our social marketing plan. I would not hesitate recommending Marilyn for media training and/or social marketing projects. She is an exceptionally talented women and in addition to bringing value to your organization.

Donna Blundell
Executive Director | Safe & Caring Schools & Communities

The media training workshop Marilyn Jones gave to our county Reeve and management team was very helpful. Anyone involved with the media would benefit from the experience. I recommend the workshop to others.

Jacolyn Tigert
Manager Agriculture Services | County of Westlock

I got a lot out of the media training session. It was especially helpful to work one-on-one with you. It’s one thing to think and talk about how to appear comfortable, confident and compelling in a media interview. It’s quite another to see for yourself how you come across during the mock interviews on camera you conducted during the workshop. I saw a big improvement in my presentation as the workshop progressed. When I saw myself in the promotional video that was produced on our behalf for the TEC Edmonton Venture Prize Award, I wished I had taken your workshop first.

David Alton
President | Aquila Diagnostics

I feel fortunate to have had a chance to take a few of your workshops. They are fabulous! You really know how to lead a good workshop.

Janice Shoults
Co-Owner | Wonder Stuff

The workshop reinforced some things about email newsletters and social media that I already knew and offered some new ideas I hadn't thought of yet.

Maura Sharkey-Pryma
Board Member | Alberta Music Education Foundation

The workshop is a good starting point for people who don't know what's up with social media and what the fuss is all about. Now I know what the fuss is all about. Thank you.

Andrea Carroll Papirny
Communications | Brain Care Centre

The [Magnetic Media Plans] workshop was specifically customized to meet my needs. I have been on the job for two weeks and am in the midst of writing a communications plan. I learned ways to organize our communications and found it helpful to be able to ask Marilyn all my questions.

Manda Brownrigg
Communications Assistant | Ortona Gymnastics

I attended Marilyn's keynote presentation on dealing with the media at our annual conference last year which encouraged me to sign up for her full day media training workshop at our conference this year. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who deals with the media. I learned what questions to ask the reporter before the interview so I could prepare and decide the important points I wanted to convey in the interview in advance. As a result of the workshop, I will feel more confident, prepared and comfortable in future media interviews.

Al Preachuk
Agricultural Services Manager | Red Deer County

As an elected official it is essential to have the confidence to be able to speak in public or to the media. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to take advantage of two media training sessions with Marilyn in January, 2013. The two sessions over the period of a week gave me the opportunity to absorb the information and come back the second week ready to learn more. I really enjoyed the process and the knowledge that I’ve gained. I would highly recommend media training with Marilyn. She put me at such ease while I learned tips and techniques that made me feel comfortable and confident that I can deal effectively with the media under any circumstances.

Gale Katchur
Mayor | City of Fort Saskatchewan

I just wanted to extend my sincere thanks for a wonderful morning. I found you very helpful and your workshop very informative! It was an absolute pleasure. I am looking forward to building A/P's marketing plan, mapping out those objectives and giving those SMART goals a go.

Emma Sacco
Executive Director | Alberta Printmakers Society

Thank you again for the great workshop you gave on social media the last week. I learned a lot!

Isha Thompson
Communications & Web Coordinator | Alberta Association of Municipal Districts & Counties

Thank you for sharing your knowledge of social media with us and for travelling so far to do so. I now know what social media tools to utilize for my programs. Our Facebook page has seen a huge improvement since taking your course. I rate the workshop you gave on behalf of our organization a 5 out of 5.

Jackie Peterson
Program Coordinator | Newell Further Education Society

I highly recommend this workshop because it was important, effective and highly interactive. I learned many things about dealing with the media that I will continue to develop further.

Shelley Morrison
Board Member | Agriculture & Food Council of Alberta

On behalf of the Association of Alberta Agricultural Fieldmen, the Education Committee would like to thank you for your Media Training Workshop that contributed to the quality of the In Service Training at our conference. We appreciate the time you took out of your busy schedule to join us and thank you for sharing your insights and expertise on media relations with our membership.

Trent Keller
Education Committee | Association of Agricultural Fieldmen of Alberta

We thoroughly enjoyed your social media workshop. You had our full attention for the entire time! Thank you for sharing your ideas and expertise with us. We learned a lot!

Desirae Seitz
Parent Link Program Manager | SPEC Association for Children & Families

The [media relations in a social media world] workshop was perfect for me. Marilyn had so much relevant information. I now have a Top 20 media list to work with, some good ideas on how to build better relationships with the media through social media and a game plan that's not overwhelming.

Roslie Main
Volunteer Coordinator | Bowness Community Association

I recommend this [YouTube for NonProfits] workshop. It was a great beginning overview for those without any video editing experience. I was impressed by the wide range of details and resources that are available and unexpected given the course agenda. I also enjoyed the discussion among participants on ideas for how I can overcome some of the challenges in creating videos for YouTube and other social media.

Nicholas Ternes
Communications | Office of Laurie Blakeman MLA

I found the media training workshop very helpful! The workshop gave me some great ideas, strategies and tools to use. It was especially helpful to learn about the questions to ask a reporter before agreeing to an interview so I know what to expect and how best to prepare for it. I recommend this workshop to others who deal with the media. I rate this workshop five out of five.

Robert Mitchell
CEO | United Way, Central Alberta

As someone already familiar with Facebook having set up the Facebook Page for the aquatic centre, I was a little bit leery about taking the workshop. To my surprise, I found the discussions useful and learned some new ideas. The workshop covered all the bases and we now have a good start on our new Facebook Page for the Town of St. Paul.

Robert Simons
Aquatics Instructor | Town of St Paul

The workshop on social media you gave us today was a five out of five. There is much to learn about social media but at least we're off to a great start with the information and planning materials you provided us. I appreciated learning about all the free tools we can use to make things easier and the report you provided on how we compare to other municipalities our size in social media communications. I found all of your handouts -- before and at the workshop -- very helpful. I am confident that as a result of your workshop, we will be able to develop a SMART social media plan and effective social media policies. I recommend your workshop to other municipalities.

Deb Pare
Communications & Marketing Coordinator | Town of Morinville

Marilyn provided some excellent suggestions for creating media awareness and reach for the 1st Annual "ALL-IN for Charity Celebrity Poker Tournament" in aid of the Edmonton Food Bank and Santas Anonymous on November 17. She was a consummate professional and provided the support required to ensure that our event had the maximum exposure in all associated media outlets, as well as guidance on how to better utilize social media and some of the other mediums that we had in place. Highly recommended!

Vince Pao
Marketing Manager | Pure Canadian Gaming

It was great meeting you yesterday. The two workshops you gave yesterday [Strategic Social Media Plans and Social Media in a Crisis Plans] were incredibly informative!

Marison Narvaez
Manager, Development & Communications | Children's Cottage Society of Calgary

I really enjoyed your email newsletters workshop today. Trudy and I are going to meet and look at what we can do using the SMART tools you provided. I am excited that you posted them all online so we can access them whenever we want. Thank you for taking the time to present this information to us.

Melonie Dziwenka
Community Program Coordinator | Town of Morinville

I really appreciated your email newsletter workshop last week. I learned many useful and applicable tips that I’ve since shared with the team here.

Elsie Cerny
Director of Communications | Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation

I recommend these workshops to others. The workshops [Strategic Social Media Plans & Social Media in a Crisis Plans] were very comprehensive and thorough.They helped me identify where my organization sits on the social media spectrum and the things we could do next to improve communications. I especially liked the discussion on editorial calendars, SMART objectives and the twelve step plan.

Read Beadoin
Digital Media Coordinator | Town of Fort Saskatchewan

Marilyn's work is well researched and she brings a wealth of knowledge across the social media spectrum. Our Trade Association began looking at Social Media last year as a platform to reach different target audiences and communicate in additional ways with some of our existing supporters. I attended Marilyn’s workshop on Strategic Social Media Plans in Calgary last fall. The workshop was efficient and informative. Based on the experience I contracted Marilyn’s services for some one-on-one training on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for my office staff as a base to hiring a summer communications intern. Marilyn then worked with our summer intern on developing a social media campaign targeting our specific audiences. As we decide as an organization what the future in this area will look like for us we will likely contract her services again. I would highly recommend her for such work.

Mike Doyle
Executive Director | Canadian Association of Geophysical Contractors

I initially connected with Marilyn Jones to learn more about social media and how the CPAA could and should use the various channels to engage our stakeholders. From this initial session, Marilyn has been a wealth of information and has provided me with a great deal of support and continues to share stories, insights and tools which help me do my job.

Brenda Smith
Communications & Marketing Manager | Cerebral Palsy Association of Alberta

Marilyn keeps her eye on the moving target of social media and she connects the dots well for non-profits. We need to participate, but often we can't find time in our crowded days to climb the learning curves. The Linked-In workshop was just one example of how Marilyn gives a quick overview and enough information on the complexities of using social media to kick-start our use down here on the ground. She helps bridge the gap between constantly evolving 'geek speak' and last year's trendy phrases. She helps us keep up.

Billie Milholland
Communication Manager | North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance

Marilyn is very personable and engaging, and she really knows her stuff. I recently attended Marilyn's "Media Training Workshop" and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my time with her. Marilyn shared great information, tips and exercises and provided great insight as to how the media works and what to expect. She helped me understand the process and gave me confidence and assurance that will better equip me for media relations and interviews in the future.

Mary Jane James
Assistant Executive Director | Sexual Assault Centre

Thanks for opening up such exciting possibilities. Before meeting Marilyn Jones, I thought the words "wiki," "twitter," and "tweet" were the names of my sons' Pokemon cards. I had never had an e-meeting and I was afraid of the term "webinar." Marilyn has shown me how to use all of these social media tools to make my work as an editor and a program manager simpler, clearer, and more efficient. Thanks for opening up such exciting possibilities. I've worked with Marilyn on several projects, and I'm always impressed with her ability to be professional, personable, and enthusiastic no matter the situation. She has been particularly helpful in her support of the non-profit writing and editing organization I belong to.

Theresa Agnew
Program Manager | McEwan Writing Program

I attended two workshops led by Marilyn: Optimizing Media Releases and Social Media Relations. Marilyn is a dynamic facilitator and instructor who not only knows her subject thoroughly but can communicate it well and understandably no matter what the background and experience of the participant. In addition, Marilyn delivers more than promised. One such gem was hearing about Joomla! at the workshop, which inspired me to contract her services to build two websites for us after hearing her stories about its strength, ease of use and suitability. She built two websires for us that we thought it would cost for one. And now we can update the websites ourselves which saves us even more money and time. Anyone considering learning more about all of the potential within the world of internet media, social networking and marketing and how to make it work for them should not hesitate to sign up for her workshops or get her to build your website and show you how to update and maintain it after it's built.

Brian Scott
Marketing, Technology & Research Director | Communitas

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About Marilyn Jones, epublisher, media relations & social media strategist / workshop instructor

Marilyn Jones (BA English, U of A & MA Communications, SFU) is a media relations and social media strategist who specializes in training not-for-profit organizations to embrace media relations and social media communications to market their mission. The owner of RiverCity Productions, and the publisher of mediamag ezine + +, Marilyn has delivered media relations and social media workshops to more than 500 nonprofit organizations throughout Alberta over the last eight years. In May 2012 she was nominated for a YWCA Women of Distinction Award in the Business/Entrepreneurial category for her work in this area.


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